Ptwiggs - Purge EP

12”, Digital
Artwork by Robby Bennett



ptwiggs brings the surrealist violence for brand spanking Sydney imprint Deep Seeded. Taking an erratic hairpin turn after DSR001's off-piste techno, PURGE comes off like a tragicomic thriller, swerving between saccharine sensitivity and brutal ultra-violence in the blink of an eye. 

Shit is rough in ptwiggs towers, dishing out relentless Tyson jabs to the head on 'Day Of Wrath' with Holly Herndon's inverted poltergeist drifting about between the blows, while 'Lara Dies' seems to execute your favourite video game character a trillion times per second just for laffs. But it's not all blood and guts rendered in vivid HD. Coil-axis twinning of demonic and angelic energies course through 'YYYY' and drift below the surface of the more berserk pieces. Not for the faint of heart but life's probs beaten the feeling out of you at this point anyway.

A1 Day of Wrath
A2 Excuviae
A3 Never Meant to Die
B2 Lara Dies
B3 Finding Inside

All music written, performed and produced by Phoebe Twigg. 

Mastered at Optimum Music Bristol. 
Manufactured in the UK. Distributed by Juno. 


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